Infrared Inspections in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Call us anytime to schedule an infrared inspection of your home. Southern Home Inspections uses state of the art infrared imaging cameras that can “see” and “measure” the invisible heat that is emitted by your home or buildings components. The infrared camera can produce thermal images that document and identify a wide variety of problems that may not be visible to the naked eye during a standard home inspection.

Water intrusion, heat loss, missing or damaged insulation and electrical overheating can produce different heat signatures that can be identified with an infrared home inspection.

Southern Home Inspections uses the latest and best home inspection tools and technology in the industry for your home inspection. With tools such as high resolution infrared cameras and the latest high-grade moisture meters, it allows us to discover what other home inspectors are completely blind to. Without thermal imaging equipment, it is often impossible to catch moisture problems, overheating of electrical components, missing insulation, air leaks, and much more.

Any of these issues left undiscovered will end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs, and quickly turn your new dream home into an expensive nightmare. We have been helping clients to expose such defects before making a bad real-estate investment.  We take great pride in providing our clients with this valuable information so they can use it in their negotiations with the seller.

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