A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection Is An Essential Part Of The Home Buying Process

The pre-purchase home inspection should be done before you decide on purchasing a home. Southern Home Inspections understands residential home construction and we can offer you an expert opinion regarding the condition of the home you are interested in buying. So you think you have found your new dream home, now what?

It is now time to contact a qualified home inspector and arrange for a pre-purchase,
general home inspection.

    1. What Is A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection? A pre-purchase, general home inspection is a visual examination of the home including structural components like the foundation, walls, roof, crawl space etc to see if the home has any major defects.
  1. Why Do I Need A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection? The purchase of a home represents the largest single investment most Americans will make. A pre-purchase home inspection allows us to help you become an “Informed Buyer” and give you the knowledge you need before purchasing a home.

Size, style, and location are always some of the considerations before purchasing a home, but today’s home buyers are placing increased emphasis on the physical condition of the home and the negative financial impact it may have.

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